KOMEX Division of Social Outreach

KOMEX (Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence) is an intra-college organization founded on 1st April 2010. As an organization, we aim to promote pedagogical research for the development of future global leaders, and have distributed our results to universities across Japan. We also work on ‘structuring knowledge’, taking life sciences as the lead, as well as the development of optimal educational environments, including the use of ICT or methods that emphasize debating and problem-solving skills.

The Division of Social Outreach was established along with the founding of KOMEX. The Japanese junior high and high school education systems are currently at a crossroad – and for their revitalization and reconstruction, traditional educational concepts and methods must be reconsidered. Our aim is, therefore, to promote educational research that will contribute to the improvement of junior high, high school, and university education across the country. We make use of both the highly esteemed educational resources at the College of Arts and Sciences as well as methods from a variety of disciplines.

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